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Denton: A Cozy Community with Vibrant City Life

Denton is a city in Texas as well as the county seat of Denton County. Located in the north end of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex on Interstate 35, Denton is known for the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo, Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, and 35 Denton Music Festival, which attracts over 300,000 people to the city each year. Denton is often categorized as a college town because of the 45,000 students enrolled in the two universities within the city limits. The local independent music scene has emerged alongside Denton’s academic music establishments including the University of North Texas College of Music, and the city’s live music venues are largely supported by Denton’s college town atmosphere. Denton’s music scene has even received attention from The GuardianPop Matters, and The New York Times. Aside from its thriving music scene and prosperous academic atmosphere, other points of interest include Shiloh Field Community Garden, Denton Square, Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center, Campus Theatre, and more. Whether you’re a college student or not, Denton offers endless entertainment year-round.